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This page will contain all the details on the SLAB POT project.

Slab Pots: A pot created using flat pieces of traditionally geometric shapes which are joined at right angles to create the walls of a pot.  Slab pots require the use of scoring and slip and a reinforcing coil to keep construction together.



Slab: A flat geometrically shaped piece of clay.

Reinforcing coil:  A coil of clay used to seal the joint of two slabs.

Cut Lid: The type of lid where the top is cut off of a completely closed form.

Impressing:  The type of decoration where an object is pressed into the plastic clay to create a texture or pattern on the surface of the clay.

Sgrafitto:  The type of decoration where the surface is covered with colored slip and then a tool is used to scratch through the slip to reveal the clay underneath.

Foot:  An added feature to the bottom of a piece to raise the bottom up off the ground and to add another element of design.


Assignment:  Student must make 1 pot with a Cut Lid, feet and use one of the two types of decoration from above.




  1. Complete Ceramic Idea Sheet.
  2. Wedge clay.
  3. Begin with a ball of clay and shape into a flatten piece.
  4. Place two sticks of equal size on either side of your clay.
  5. Use a rolling pin to roll the clay out to the thickness of the sticks.
  6. Pick up the slab of clay from the edge farthest from you to turn over.
  7. Use a tool to cut the shape of the bottom of your pot.
  8. Then cut out the four sides.
  9. Finally cut out the piece for the top.
  10.   Add any IMPRESSING while the clay is still in the plastic state.
  11.  Let the slabs sit out and dry to a slightly leather hard state.
  12.  Use a tool to score the edges of the bottom slab.
  13. Use a tool to score the bottom edge of a side slab.
  14. Put slip between the slab and push together to join the pieces.
  15. Roll out a thin coil and blend it into the corner of the two slabs.
  16. Repeat steps 10 to 12 with a connecting side.
  17. Continue to repeat steps 10 to 12 until all four sides or attached.
  18. Use a tool to score the edges of the top slab.
  19. Use a tool to score the top edge of the side slabs.
  20. Put slip on the top edge of the side slabs and turn the constructed piece over and join upside down to the last slab.  The reinforcing coil will be added in Step 24.
  21. Let the entire construction dry to leather hard.
  22. Use a tool to trace an original line all the way around the pot, being careful not to put it too close to the top of the pot.
  23. Use a tool to cut all the way through the sides and all the way around the pot.
  24. Remove the lid and add the last reinforcing coil to the joints from the last slab
  25. Add the surface decoration of SGRAFFITTO to the surface of the pot if desired.
  26. Once decoration has been finished, add signature and let dry to bone dry.
  27. Place on table for bisque firing.  Due Date:  _______________________.

SLAB POT Direction SHeet













SLAB POT Introduction slideshow


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