November 29

EMPTY BOWL project

This page wil contain all the information for the EMPTY BOWL project.


The Empty Bowls are a metaphor for the fact that after a meal, what is left is an empty bowl and across the world there are people who only have the empty bowl and not the meal.  These projects will you be your charitable donation towards the fight to stop hunger in your own area in cooperation with a local Empty Bowl event.

Assignment: Student must make 1 pot formed over one of the hump molds and use any of the decorating techniques covered this semester and having the option to use pre-made sprigging made by the teacher.  The student will receive either a passing of failing grade based upon completion with the teacher’s approval.  Each student will then be responsible for a weekly blog assignment on the Empty Bowls project worth 25 points each.  The blogging assignment is going to be evaluated based on your participation not on whether or not you get the right answer as there is not just one answer.



  • Empty Bowls Project as reviewed on the website
  • Blogging:  A Web page that is frequently updated, usually with personal insights and Web links. Each blog entry is typically short and to the point, sometimes with a link to a longer, extended entry. The process of writing in a web based communication format.
  • Hump Mold:  The process of molding a slab of clay around the outside of a plaster mold to shape a pot.


  1. Complete Ceramic Idea Sheet.
  2. Wedge clay.
  3. Begin with a ball of clay and shape into a flatten piece.
  4. Use the slab roller to roll out a slab 1/2” thick.
  5. Pick up the slab of clay from the edge farthest from you and turn 90 degrees.
  6. Adjust the slab roller; roll out a slab no thinner than 3/8” thick.
  7. Take the slab to your table and mold over the plaster mold.
  8. Let the slabs dry to a slightly leather hard state or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying.
  9. Use a tool to remove the edges around the base of the mold.
  10. Gently remove the leather hard slab from the mold.
  11. Use slip and your finger to repair any blemishes.
  12. Alter the rim or add other features such as feet and handles.
  13. Add any other decorating you may wish.
  14. Once decoration has been finished, show to Mr. Shipley and let dry to bone dry.
  15. Place on firing cart for bisque firing.  Due Date:  _______________________.

EMPTY BOWL project Direction Sheet – FRONT

EMPTY BOWLS project Direction Sheet – BACK

Empty Bowls Project Intro slideshow

Empty Bowl construction demo


Empty Bowls – Fighting the World of Hunger

The class will participate in the global fight against hunger and participate in a discussion about the Empty Bowls project.  Each student will then be responsible for 3 weekly blog assignment on the Empty Bowls project.  This assignment is going to be evaluated based on your participation not on whether or not you get the right answer as there is not just one answer.



Empty Bowls in the news!!!



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  1. coachshipley (Post author)

    FL – still not posting this comment to correct place. There are no other comments because this is not the place to leave commments. You need to click on the assignment title to get to the correct page.

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  4. coachshipley (Post author)

    We only are working on this until Thursday. Only one is required but we can see about the time.

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    You are posting these comments to the wrong place. You need to been on the page for the actual assignment. Go to the main page and look for the links for EMPTY BOWL – Blogginh Assign#1 – Week #1: What would you do?? and EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #2 – Week #2:A worldly puzzle with millions of pieces.
    No one else can see or know about your posts where you put them.

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  15. sr6!

    I think that doing the empty bowl project was very thoughtful, that it’s going to the fight against hunger. I {???} that I could help other people!

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  17. NB6

    By doing this Empty Bowl project I have realized that their are many positive figures that are making a difference. One person in particular that I believe that has made a difference is Wycleaf Jean. Haiti is his home town. After the the hurricane hit Haiti, he went and supported them. He is now rebuilding their city. Also, he brought many other famous people to help the cause such as Akon. Wycleaf has given shelter, food and schools. Basically, he is trying to make their lives better and help the city. All of these reasons explain why he makes a difference.

  18. CM6

    I think this project is good for us and [to help] better our art skills. [This will help] the people dying of hunger.

  19. coachshipley (Post author)

    You need to click on the assignment page and post your comment there! This is not the EB Blog Assign #1 page.

  20. Keyera

    The “Empty bowl project” was very interesting & easy to do in little time, I would like to make another one.

  21. coachshipley (Post author)

    KB – This is not the correct place to post your comment. You need to click on the heading of the assignment to go to the correct page and at the bottom you should see the comments left by your classmates.

  22. coachshipley (Post author)

    This is not the correct page. You must find the post from Monday that is Blogging Assignment #1.

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