November 2


This page will contain all the details on the COMBINATION POT project.

Combination Pot

A pot created using the pinch, coil or slab methods of construction together.  Combination pots require the use of scoring and slip to keep construction together.

Assignment: Student must make at least 1 combination pot using 2 methods of construction (pinch, coil or slab) and has a lid. Optional  to use any type of decoration show in class thus far.


  • Lid: A covering for the top of the pot, which usually has a handle.
  • Lid catch: A piece of clay, usually a coil that acts as a stop so the lid does not slip off the rim of the pot.
  • Engobe:  A slurry of glaze materials used as decoration on leather hard clay or bisqueware. 


  1. Complete Ceramic Idea Sheet.
  2. Wedge your clay thoroughly.
  3. Begin with the first method of construction you designed on your Idea Sheet.
  4. Continue by scoring a slipping the next method of construction onto the first part.
  5. Continue adding sections until you have a completed combination pot.
  6. Create lid from the lid worksheet.
  7. IMPORTANT!!!!! Lids must have a lid catch.
  8. Place on firing cart for bisque firing.  Due Date:  _______________________.

Combination Pot Direction Sheet – side 1

COMBINATION POT Introduction slideshow



































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