November 2

Ceramics 1 Projects and Info

This page contains all the information covered with the students at the beginning of the semester.  Below is a copy of the Class Syllabus, the Glaze Flow Fee permission slip, the letter about and all the details and handouts provided for the students at the start of the semester.


Ceramics-I-Syllabus-SPG16 slideshow

Glaze Flow Fee Permission Slip

Artsonia letter

Creation of Ceramic Pottery – 9 Steps


Definition of Ceramics

Tool Identification WorksheetCeramics 1 Idea Sheet

How to Take Cornell Notes – Direction Sheet

Ceramics 1 Reading Assignments Handout

4 thoughts on “Ceramics 1 Projects and Info

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  3. Stella

    Good job Anthony, keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing your next art work project. Stay focused and do your best.

  4. coachshipley (Post author)

    Ms. Walls
    Just wanted to thank you for the encouraging words for Anthony, however, this site is meant for all the Ceramics classes use and does not reach any on particular student. Please go to and look for the posting of Anthony’s work. On that site you can leave him the same encouraging words and more!!! Thanks again for coming to our website.
    Sean Shipley
    Ceramics Instructor

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