March 29

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #3 – Week #3:Who is making a difference?

This project should have brought an awareness to the students regarding the place HUNGER has in our daily lives and concerns.  From your perspective, WHO is making a difference?  What organizations, celebrities, businesses, groups, people, etc. do you know of who are making a difference in hunger in your area, your state, your country, your world??

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197 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #3 – Week #3:Who is making a difference?

  1. JG3

    I don’t know many organizations/people who spend their time helping the needy/end world hunger. What I have seen a lot of though is when I go to stores they have little jars so you can donate and help buy food for homeless kids and such. My church also does a lot of fundraisers too but not many people participate.

  2. JD1

    I think celebrities like Oprah are making a difference because they have foundations that help the poor or do other things like build schools. Demi Lovato helps with teen awareness for things like suicide help and anorexia. YOU can make a difference by going to places to do Organizations like the red cross help people also

  3. MO2

    I saw a organization is the business called Feed My Starving Children. They gain money and also make food to send it to other states. A celebrity is I say the band One Direction because they gained money for a event called red nose day. They sang One way or Another and with that money gave to charity.

  4. CM3

    I see organizations like the hunger project and Freed my starving children that help with world hunger. My church helps by doing fundraisers and getting people to help in soup kitchens.

  5. Tj1

    I think artist like Beyoncé , nicki manij , drake , jay z and more are making a difference . They give back to there community and trying to start organizations where they can get more kids off the streets. They are also good role models because a lot go people look up to them. And the decision some of them make sometimes effects others

  6. LP2

    From my perspective, Disney Channel’s Hunger For Change organization is making a big impact on Hunger. They do group activities using team work, using Disney celebrities to raise money to support helping to stop hunger. This is showing how we as young people can participate in things to help raise money. Another organization called “Feed my Starving Children” is also making people aware of the hunger in our world by asking television viewers to help by donating funds to help those in need. My churh; Broadview Missionary Baptist is also making a difference by giving away food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas time to those less fortunate. In fact there are many churches who do the same across America. By contributing our change to donation boxes on store counters is another way to help make a difference in helping to fight hunger.

  7. ej3

    Well I’m not aware of many people who do make a difference, but I know the church my parents go to always organize parities and earn money for the less fortunate, they except donations. Also Oprah is known to help millions around the world. Even our school, they ask for can food to give to others who are hungry. NIU create an event, with us participating in making a bowl to donate to someone else and they serve soup in our bowls. Every help makes a difference, no matter how big or little.

  8. AC2

    I really don’t know much but what I do know is that in our school Proviso West for community services hours they make us collect cans of food for the kids who are struggling and we get hours as well too.

  9. GB3

    There are local food banks that are in Illinois giving food away. These other groups try are getting donation to the food bank. My mom’s job also helps give food to food banks.

  10. IF2

    I really don’t know any organizations in our community that help people who are starving, other than the Ronald McDonald one. I heard of this organization through Mr. Jalove, my counselor. He is collecting cans from us and donating them to the organization.

  11. AG2

    I think and have seen on the internet many of NBA professional basketball players helping out with donations to help kids. I would think that Opra is another person who had helped out alot as well. I myself had gone to a food bank donation to help save meals for those in need and i’m proud to have helped families and kids.

  12. mr1

    Many people are making a difference in hunger because many people travel all around the world to bring food to people who need it. For example the people in Kenya are dying of starvation from a couple month old to 15. And these people are trying to make a difference in how ever they can help. Even if its a small job or a big job. What counts is that you tried your best to help people.

  13. AL1

    My church is a great example, they help every week with new subjects like feeding the kids, the homeless, and we take packages of food to where the place is. But many people help out, they travel and donate to big organizations

  14. Jw1

    There’s a organization called Feed My Starving Children. I feel that organization helps out a lot with feeding children in need. This year in our school the Proviso West cheerleaders went to help with the group last month and it is a pretty rough experience to see that many people in need and homeless, but it was also a good feeling knowing that you got to help somebody and feed them. To me I feel some celebrities are actually trying to help such as certain basketball players. Other celebrities I feel are just doing it so they can look good to their fans, so I can’t really pick a certain celebrity.

  15. JMA1

    Many celebrities these days help a lot of different organizations. I feel like some do it for the attention and some do it out of their hearts. Either way, they make a big difference for the children., which is great. People who donate clothes, shoes etc. make a difference do. The stuff they donate might not be worth to them, but for someone who has very little it is worth a lot.

  16. Jr1

    I see ads on the tv that show kids who are hungry and are ask you to adopt one of the kids to help stop hunger in countries like in Africa and India.

  17. FG1

    I am not aware of alot of organizations, but I know that the NBA is doing all they can to support people in need They have a charity/saying, “NBA Cares” its amazing how these athletes, coaches, chairmens, etc. Devote their time to people in need. If I could I would make and give food to the kids that starve or suffer from hunger.

  18. MS1

    I know most NBA players are giving to charity.the NBA has a charity called NBA cares and I think that can be very helpful to people in need because these are million to billionaire giving out charity money.

  19. AL1

    I know ronald Mcdonald house charities is making a differences all around the country with there ronald house charities for the kids with illnesses. They provide houses and they get kids hospitilized who are in need of the money. They also have scholarship programs for kids all around the country.

  20. JL6

    From my perspective, many schools around the world are making a difference in solving the hunger problem. MacArthur Middle School is making a difference because every year they hold a food drive and collect many canned goods to give to families that are less fortunate. Things like this can really help if everyone would participate.

  21. ss7

    A business that i know of is, McDonald house of charities its in the front counter of the cash register where people can donate and make a difference.This donation goes to people who cant afford food and school payments. My church is also making a difference for Guatemala, its about a church group who ask for people to donate toys for the unfortunate.These toys will be nice Christmas gifts for the kids in Guatemala who’s parents cant afford.

  22. js7

    I don’t know of any organization but I do know that alot of stores and churches try to raise money to make a difference to the needy and organize events to raise food and money for the homeless and ect

  23. SF7

    Personally, i don’t know that many organizations or celebrities that help the hungry. Bit I do see a lot of little jars that allow you to donate to different kinds of charities involving the hungry. My church also has different fundraisers that not many people participate in.

  24. Kc1

    There are many generous and helpful people out there that want to help the world make a change. People like Angelina Jolie,Ellen DeGeneres,and even Oprah. They have helped and suppoted many charities dealing with hunger. There are also organizations that help people get food one of them being the red cross and another named feeding america. These people and organizations make the world a better and brighter place.

  25. EC6

    I know a lot of schools and stores that try to raise money and help out the needy. There’s also websites such as that donate food to kids around the world. Fore every math or vocabulary question that you get right, they will donate 10 grains of rice to a kid that is starving.

  26. KS6

    I don’t know alot of people trying to stop hunger but I have noticed various schools donating and churches doing soup kitchens I also know this program called feed my starving children. These people help cure hunger day by day.

  27. Ay6

    So I was watching tv and i saw that food network is donating a dollar for every person that uses #bakeitforward and thay are donating to no kid hungry. All you have to do is bake something and nominate some one. For every #bakeitforward they are donating one dollar. So far they had around 25,000 dollars. I feel like they are helping because all we have to do is use the # and they donate and alot of people can do that and make a difference

  28. OR7

    Many celebrities are making a big difference today. They donate alot of money to charities and make foundation. They also donate stuff like clothes and shoes they dont use.

  29. coachshipley (Post author)

    EC^ this is a great website resource for those who are trying to do more and it’s educational as a bonus!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! -Mr. Shipley

  30. BB1

    A lot of people do organizations and fundraisers to end world hungers. The organizations I know are The ACF-International is a global humanitarian organization committed to end world hunger. Another one is Freedom from Hunger. They bring poor women in Africa ,Asia and Latin America. A powerful combination of micro finance,education,and health protection to help them achieve a substance self help end to world hunger.

  31. JL7

    Some celebrities make a huge difference today, they usually donate some of their money to charities for goods and needs.s Most schools raise money to help out & donate it to help others, not just schools but other places as well.

  32. Dm1

    someone in my community that is making a difference is milton from proviso west who he gathers many students and takes them to help the homeless and gives them food or spreads awareness with signs to help the homeless. my local church also receives food cans for people who doesn’t have the funds to buy food some times.

  33. RG6

    I think Richard Joyner is making a difference with his organization called the Connote Family Life Center. They grow food which they feed the homeless. They also help students raise scholarship money.

  34. KC6

    I don’t know any groups but my sister is doing a community service
    she is changing the world by helping at the Hamdard Center.Who care about the homeless and she earning her hours and helping he community so my sister is making a difference in bellwood.

  35. Mj2

    I don’t know many world hunger organizations/charities but I saw a website called where they do donations for children starving around the world.

  36. LS4

    I know many organizations and celebrities that try to make a difference in the world. For example, the church i go to they make alot of fundraises for those people that starve and need help. Alot of people participate which is a nice thing because its always good to help those people in need. Another example, celebrities alot of them donate money to hospitals or buy food and clothes to the people in need. L.S 4

  37. DA2

    Many churches in a handful of areas such as Elmhurst donate. They gather everyone up and make bags full of cleaning supplies such as: paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, and other cleaning supplies. They also gather up food at a food pantry and help many in need who can’t afford food to be put on the table. Many mothers go and receive a bag full of groceries filled with goodies up to meat mf snacks, which I believe is a great help. They also help a lot around the holidays for families who can’t afford to buy gifts for their children, and have more than enough gifts to give around to plenty of families. People who are kind hearted enough to take time out of their day to prep and save for others in need is very generous.

  38. JL6

    I don’t know any organizations much like that that helped out with hunger, but I do remember the organization with Disney that help with hunger going to locations where people were starving of hunger and I know some celebrities helped also like Oprah and others.

  39. ep1

    Who is making a difference? I know that Cristiano Ronaldo and other soccer players are always helping the ones in need. Another person that I always see helping others on tv is Anthony Rizzo from the cubs he does not only help out with money but he spends his time out with kids in hospitals and stuff.

  40. KA4

    There is a lot of people who do charity/organization that help with hunger of course. But one that stands out is our First Lady she help kids at school to eat healthier. Schools do charities some schools have charity to donate jackets, toys and canned food. There’s people who go feed the homeless. Celebrities, normal people or kids can help make a difference when it comes to hunger around the world.

  41. ML2

    I dont know any organizations or groups that helps with fighting hunger but i known that who ever is helping is making a huge difference in someones like, and it doesn’t matter wether they give to little or to much they are still making a difference by helping others and thats what really counts.

  42. CM4

    I don’t know of many organizations, celebrities or people that help the hungry, but I do know that some churches have an organization, in which people or members of the church, can step in and donate canned goods and other types of food. These organizations may not be big or worldwide, but they do make a huge impact in someones life.

  43. JSJ4

    In my eyes the people who are making a huge difference is the people who gets up every morning and enjoy life and they are very well rounded. Also people who love to help others

  44. LR6

    I’ve seen our school helping out with charity and helping other people in need for example many students gather up and go to the city to give out food to the homeless and they also donate things like clothes or canned food. Not only the school but also some celebrities help out to.

  45. DK4

    I think my boyfriend’s Dad is making a difference in world hunger. Hegoes to Africa every year for about 2 weeks with some friends and sponsors and what they do is help provide for the people that are they struggling. They help build schools in different villages, supply water and animals for produce and also food. They also do charity work so that the people in Africa can have more of a better economy just like America. I think more people should get involved in trying ti make a difference with world hunger because its basically the main world issue that is going on right now

  46. AF2

    I believe the Milton (TO at west) is making a difference for Proviso West. He encourages students to volunteer and go feed the homeless. He also gives them soap, blankets, etc. Not only that but he spends his spare time going out to churches to help anybody in need. Not many notice how much Milton helps out the community but it’s very kind of him to encourage students to go with him. It will make you feel really good about yourself to see a person in need smile at you and say thank you.

  47. JE6

    I think make long change is when you give out to charity because some people are rich and some are poor and it’s always good to give to people because if that was you you will be wanting some money or clothes but there not a lot of places and free restaurant for people to go to

  48. JS6

    I believe the people that make a difference are the type of people who cares about others and not just themselves. For example , Taylor Swift it a pop singer and she is involved with Red Cross . Thid shows thst Taylor Swift may use her money from making music on herself, but she also helps out the ones in need.

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