March 29

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #3 – Week #3:Who is making a difference?

This project should have brought an awareness to the students regarding the place HUNGER has in our daily lives and concerns.  From your perspective, WHO is making a difference?  What organizations, celebrities, businesses, groups, people, etc. do you know of who are making a difference in hunger in your area, your state, your country, your world??

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197 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #3 – Week #3:Who is making a difference?

  1. AC4

    I think there are many organizations and people who are helping out with hunger problems around the world. For example their are many celebrities helping out with hunger. One artist I heard about was Miley Cirus, she has her own organization and helps out the kids in other countries with food and other stuff. She has her own building were homeless go and stay their for shelter. There’s also many organizations in the streets that help to donate clothes to people,thiers little stands/boxes were people can go donate old clothes or shoes sometimes even books so people can donate them to the people in need. There are thrift shops were you can go donate clothes and then people sell them for low prices. But their are many people trying to help out people. And when I grow up I would like to do the same.

  2. tc4

    I truly believe that schools help people with hunger, for example key club is a great club because they help the people in need. Many superstars also help out people in need , soccer players as well and etc. Many people have huge hearts and they love to help people and I know that famous people are not the only ones helping out , us ” non famous ” people help out as much as they do.

  3. JV4

    There’s a lot of people that help out with things. For example, Justin Bieber is part of this campaign called Pencils for Promise. Where you buy a pencil & every cent goes to helping kids that need education, food, clothes, ect. Another example would be Miley Cyrus. She built a building for the homeless.

  4. AL4

    The organization Feeding My Starving Children is making a huge difference in hunger. They turn starving children to new healthy, energetic kids. They are a nonprofit organization, so all the money they get is donations. This organization travels all around the world to help these unfortunate people get the nutrition they need daily. They have made a huge difference for these people and I hope they continue to help.

  5. JF4

    I don’t know of to many celebrities that feed’s the hungry children and adults but I do know of jay cleaning Africa’s water and making pipes for the water to travel to sustain villages. Also Akon brought electricity for 600 million Africans it’s not exactly feeding them but it’s helping them and I’m pretty sure he feed some of the people he met.

  6. jj2

    From my perspective, the ones making a difference are the members/volunteers of the organization. I cant really name any specific celebrities but fans can also make the difference. In South Korea,as a sign of support to their celebrities, fans buy huge wreaths that carry rice bags and those are donated to children in need after being displayed with the celebrities picture at events.

  7. NL6

    I feel like the ones that volunteer and have been volunteering for a long time, are the ones that are making the difference because they are the ones that started it from the very beginning, even the ones that only just started, they are making such a difference. I feel like most celebrities just write a check to the organization and just leave it like that, they don’t actually go out and do the work. Their is this organization, called Save-A-Pet in Chicago and they help animals with medical and behavioral assistance, adoption services, and referrals to low-cost spay and neuter services, but the are a bit smaller organization but what they are doing is amazing. They are helping animals and saving them, and I think that is pretty cool.

  8. B.M.2

    I don’t know of to many celebrities that feed the hungry children of the world but I do know anyone who finished the empty bowl assignment is making a change even if its small.

  9. VA6

    I don’t know specific organizations or celebrities that feed the hungry. But I do know that there is many organizations and celebrities that do feed the hungry or at least help. In my area the church has a food pantry that feeds the hungry, also there is like soups kitchens as well. Another thing is that each of us who made an empty helped feed the hungry.

  10. ADJ6

    From my perspective everbody is making a difference because give food to homeless or the persons family or feed them themselves.i know a few of celebrities who helped the hungry like zendaya miley.A organization i know that helps the homless is Feed My Starving Childern. I went about a few times and i loved it because i was helping people all over the world.

  11. NW1

    An organization that’s making a difference is Feeding my starving children.This program give people an opportunity to provide food to people around the world that needs food.Its a program that’s also free but your welcome to donate money to their company.This organization doesn’t just ship the food they also go to that location and prepare the meal for them .The meals are healthy and provide protein and things that help the body and become healthier and stronger.

  12. AG1

    There are many organizations that are helping with starvation around the world to make a difference. However, it doesn’t always have to be an organization that helps. Us individuals can gather food or money to take to businesses that help with this , or we can deliver to different locations. In my opinion, just by giving someone food that is helpless , out on the street , is making a big difference. Buying them food, making meals, or giving money is a big help. My mom has helped many people with this situation ; when she sees people on the street asking for money she gives them a dollar or two. Also, when we are carrying food at the moment , she shares some food with people that need it. We can all make a move to help people that struggle with hunger.

  13. TG1

    I think there is a lot of celebrities and organizations that help out with hunger around this world. Some celebrities that I know of for sure that help is NBA players they have a foundation going on to help starving kids and give money called NBA CARE. I also know a lot of celebrities give back and help out people that’s in needs of things and to help there families 💯.

  14. KW6

    There are many organizations and people who are helping all around the world.Feed my starving is children is a great organization and it also a good thing to be apart of it feels good to give back to people that are less fortunate then you. Many other people and organizations have done a lot to to try and help and solve starvation.

  15. Lh6

    Alot of people are helping with the people in need. Especially celebrities, they love helping people and making them feel special. But one organization that is making a huge difference is fees my starving children. It helps people that are starving and need food. It’s free. But you can also come and donate money for them. The meals that are here,they are healthy. It’s a really nice organization because it helps alot ,of people in hunger and it’s so easy because it’s free and anyone is welcome.

  16. DP6

    One of my favorite artist Christine Aguilera has gotten involved with the cause . After being inspired by these missions and by her own children, she’s raised over 148 million dollars for the World Food Program and become a spokesperson WFP’s Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief Campaign.

  17. AR6

    I believe that schools are helping people with hunger because people who dont have anything to eat at home. They have the opportunity to come to school and eat breakfast and lunch everyday. By doing that they make people feel comfortable at school in a caring environment.

  18. KB2

    An important person that has given back to their community is Will and Jada smith . They have donated to various charities. They have donated to the lupus foundation, Baltimore school for arts, and the Make-a-wish foundation. It is important that celebrities give back to their community because some people may think that celebrities become famous and forget about their community.

  19. Jb2

    Many churches try to help feed the homeless and families that need to eat.They take the time out of their day to make meals and set up to fill families stomachs .Also churches have dinners after church sometimes and snacks before church. They might not be the best meals but its something to help out the community.

  20. MT1

    Chicago Food Bank is a organization that is contributing to help hunger. They believe no one should go hungry. Every day, they distribute nutritious food across Cook County.

  21. KP6

    Any organization I know is my dad and his friends buying a lot of food going to a week populated places and giving food to people that dont appear to have enough money or homeless people

  22. AH6

    An organization that I know of that is making a difference is “Feed My Starving Children”. They ship hand-pack meals to more than 60 countries around the world and they make sure the food is non-allergenic. I am happy that I got to participate in helping with this organization.

  23. JH1

    One organization that i know of that has been making a difference is Feeding American. Feeding America is a nonprofit organization that feed homeless and starving people through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other agencies. The headquarters of this organization is in Chicago Illinois. One of my favorite artist Tori Kelly supports Feeding American.

  24. CF1

    Beyoncé is a celebrity who made a difference in hunger. She partnered with a variety of anti-hunger organizations, including Feeding America, The Houston Food Bank and The Global Food Banking Network.

  25. JMC2

    I think there is a lot of organizations i probably do not Know about but i Heard of this one on tv on the news that Was about a place where there is food and its nothing ofensive or nothing bad towards the homeless. And they get their food from people that do not use their food and there is a lot of food and is here in chicago that is one organization i Know about and oubviously Good people that put from their own money to make a couple of homeless Day.

  26. AF1

    I know that my church I go to helps people with food. They give it to anyone that’s in need. I also made the project and I hope someone buys it because I want to help someone that needs food. Hope to make that change.

  27. GB6

    In my opinion I believe that schools, communities as a whole, and churches are actually making a difference in hunger. During school days I’m always hearing on the announcements about opportunities of giving to those who need it the most. Schools and churches are always involved with food pantries that will go to those who need food. Even a whole community can make a difference in hunger because not matter what it is food, clothes, or toys they try their best to gather everything they don’t need anymore to those who could use these things. There are always fundraisers that make people get involved to gather up money to give to those communities that need it the most. From what I have seen any citizen can make a difference in hunger by just giving things they can to those in need, when opportunities are shown.

  28. Z1S

    There’s alot of people who help out with people with hunger. One celebrity that I k ow that helps with hunger is 50 cent. And alot of people help to make this world less hungry

  29. SC1

    I think that schools are making a difference because a lot of schools are doing donations and those donations help out.

  30. DE1

    The Empty Bowl Project was a very inspiring project that helped feed the hunger. A chatty that has helped hunger all of the world for quiet some time now is Water aid charity and the green foundation both have helped many people lives and will continue too because it is the right thing to do.

  31. JS1

    In my perspective the people helping the hunger are the ones making a difference. I don’t know any organizations but I know that they are always helping those people out there that can’t afford as much food as they need in their system.Those people that help have probably been doing it for years and they know that it is the right thing to do for the hungers .

  32. JA2

    In my perspective a lot of schools help with hunger. Schools have clubs and opportunities where they help others dealing with hunger or any other problem. Many celebrities help as well. I’ve seen celebrities make a difference in other people’s lives that aren’t able to have what other people have. Schools help by donating and raising enough money for fundraisers. Celebrities do this as well. These are the people making a difference.

  33. AB2

    In my opinion, I believe that individuals do help & care for others when it comes to the issue of hunger, but in today’s world, I don’t see the president nor politics contribute to the issue. Instead, I see celebrities & organizations promoting issues that exist around the world. Using their platform to make it known, celebrities also let others know the issues in today’s world and hope that their fans and other individuals will get involved. Kim Kardashian West has brought awareness to the issue when she discovered how severe poverty was growing in Downtown, Los Angeles. While promoting the issue online, she also donated food & volunteered at the Food Bank which fights against hunger. The “Feed my starving children” foundation has made a huge impact when it comes to the issue of world hunger. As stated in my last blog, this organization helps those who don’t have enough food to survive or those who don’t have food. If government or politics don’t do enough to end world hunger, us as humans whether we’re celebrities or not, can give a little of ourselves in order to end world hunger.

  34. hv2

    In my perspective,the people are making a difference.Organizations that i know that are making a difference in hunger are called ACTION AGAINST HUNGER,FEEDING AMERICA,and FREEDOM FROM HUNGER.They are making a great difference on hunger by feeding the ones in need.

  35. MB2

    In my opinion the people making a difference are the organizations out there and the communities. I feel like many other mainstream celebrities should make it well known and use thei platforms as a positive thing. Lately i havent seen many celebrities touch on the subject of world hunger, which is horrible since world hunger has been happening for ages! Many organizations and their communities have been helping the people in need and sometimes they dont have enough money or supplies to help those that need it, so i feel like celebrities should help those communities and organizations. Rachel Ray is a famous celebrity chef that has been helping around the country. With her fabulous recipes and large platform she spreads awareness and she also helps on her own.

  36. VC2

    I think that many organizations and people have and are making a change in many ways like that project was all put together all because of hunger . That is now helping many people all around .

  37. BA1

    Chance the Rapper has made a difference to the world with donating money to the homeless in Chicago. Taylor Swift donated over 1 Million to the Louisiana flood.One great organization is “Feed My Starving Children” I had a field trip to go and we packed so much food that was going around the world.

  38. CIJ2

    Oscar award winning actor Jeff Bridges invented the the End Hunger Network in 1983. The End hunger network is an organization that is attentive on feeding kids around the world. Jeff is recently been focused on feeding kids in the U.S.A.

  39. Ra2

    I believe the community’s as well as schools have a big impact on making a difference to help hunger in , inner cities . Communities hold fundraisers as well as churches while schools helps fight hunger because they hold canned food drives and donate it to shelters to help feed the needed.

  40. JS2

    Many Communities help out with hunger many schools,churches and other places sometimes do fundraisers for people who can’t afford to buy food on a daily basis or just dont have any. and give them food for people to take.

  41. TG2

    A Chicago native that goes by the name “Englewoodbarbie” AKA Aleta goes out her way every night around 10 P. M feeding the less fortunate who she calls her ‘friends’ with no job (other than helping support her community) kids, and a few supporters that help cater to the ones she call her friends. She doesn’t ask for any handouts unless asking her following base to help sponsor the ‘friends’ when she doesn’t have the funds to do so. Also making sure the friends have a second chance to living in a better environment by finding a way to help them with programs reconnecting her friend with their family and what not. Other than feeding the friends she has a movement called hugs no slugs she is committed to excellence and helping the youth, putting down the guns, and stopping the violence in her city. She’s a one man army making a difference through whatever life takes her.

  42. A.S 1

    I feel like proviso township is making a difference by making sure that the kids get at least 2 meals a day free of cost. Which really could help if you have nothing.

  43. HC2

    Church’s help the with the fight
    Against Hungary by doing charities or giveing food to does in need.

  44. RCR2

    Maroon 5 has executed various efforts in the past few years to aid the fight against hunger in America. These include holding food drives in each of the cities on their concert tour as well as creating a Snapple flavor, “tea will be loved” with $250,000 of proceeds going to Feeding America. In honor of World Food Day, Rapper “50 Cent” has linked his energy drink brand Street King with the World Food Program’s campaign to The “Hustle 1 Million Meals” campaign is part of his Street King mission to feed 1 billion children in 5 years.

  45. coachshipley (Post author)

    This is wonderful. I had no idea but I am inspired that you know of this and are sharing it with us. -Mr. Shipley

  46. coachshipley (Post author)

    I commend you on realizing the efforts made here at school. Just as a note, the program is actually a government funded program and not one done by the district but it does in fact make a difference! -Mr. Shipley

  47. coachshipley (Post author)

    These are two efforts which I was unaware so thank-you for bringing them to the conversation and getting their message out! -Mr. Shipley

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