March 23

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #2 – Week #2:A worldly puzzle with millions of pieces.


The Empty Bowls project is a  national project and this is your chance to be a part of the solution. Pick one of the statements below to comment on:
1. In your opinion, what is a students role to support charities?
2. Is aiding charities a responsibility for a young adult or only for adults who benefit by receiving tax breaks for their charitiable contributions?
3. At what age should students begin helping with charitable efforts?
4. What are some other ways besides Empty Bowls that you have personally helped a charitable organization?

Post your blog to the comment section at the bottom of this blog page and/or respond to comments posted before you.  PLEASE, remember to sign your comments using your intials and period # (EX.  sls5 ).




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214 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #2 – Week #2:A worldly puzzle with millions of pieces.

  1. JSJ4

    A students role to support charities is to give back.Many students may have old clothes and toys they do not use and that can actually make a huge difference in someone else life.Aiding charities is for everyone who might can give back . I believe around 13 or 14 is a good age because it gives some responsibility to the kid and it makes them special.I helped personally by my old coats i use to wear i would give them to someone who is in need.

  2. KA4

    Giving back is the biggest role anyone can do in any charity. I think aiding charities are for anyone who want to make a change in life, people who care and want to see people smile. I think the younger the age they start to help is better. Starting at a younger age well help them be good people later on. Some charities that are beside the empty bowls, there is some for coats and food that are local and anyone can help. Me personally I have not attended or give to charities all of my clothes go to my cousins that live in Mexico who are poor which I think is the same as giving.

  3. E.P pd 2

    At what age should students start helping with charitable efforts? I think that students should start as soon as possible or at a young age that way they can develop a good habit for helping others that way When these kids grow up they can set a good example for other young kids.

  4. jj2

    You can start helping charities at any age. Whether you`re 50 or 5 its never too late or early to start helping. I think the only thing that matters is if you truly want to help the charity and believe in its cause.

  5. Mj2

    I think that you could start helping with charities at any age. From age 10 to 100, you should be able to help. It is never bad to give to charities and it will give that person who receives it something to thank for.

  6. CM4

    A students role towards supporting a charity is willing to give back to the poor or the people who truly need help. I think that you can start helping charities at any age. The earlier the better.

  7. JV4

    A students role is make the world a better place for their younger siblings or chilidren. To give back. All the stuff that they don’t use. Give to those that don’t have what we have. You can start at a very young age. The world could be a better place. We just need to bring it out for everyone to see.

  8. VA6

    I think it really doesn’t matter what age you begin giving to charities.You can give back at anytime, and there’s many ways you can do it. It also teaches people to not take things for granted.

  9. JN6

    Age doesn’t matter when it comes to giving back. The smallest things can help out. For example donating things that you don’t wear/use anymore.

  10. B.M.2

    A student should be able to give to charity whenever they want to and it only matters if they can afford to give money to if they can they should and if they cant they shouldn’t.💒

  11. AL4

    There isn’t a age limit to helping others in need. Actually the younger the better because it get kids in the habit of being grateful for what they have. Also it allows them to see how good they have it and, how there are people that wish they could be in their shoes.

  12. JE 6

    A student should be able to give to charity whenever they want to it only really matters if they can afford to give money because some teens or child’s don’t even get money like that but there shoulded be a age limit

  13. JF4

    A different way I helped in a charitable organization was when I was in 4th grade when I gave food to Haiti after the earthquake not to long ago. I gave atleast 20 cans of food away which was the most in the class. Also I’ve gave away my clothes to the less fortunate cause my mom asked me too.

  14. JS6

    I believe at the age of 13 students should start helping charities. I believe 13 is a responsible age because at that age you are officially a team and have responsible enough to understand the concept of helping others in need.

  15. KC6

    A students role to support charities is to give back to the community
    and help out like work at a old people home and send food to the homeless and give them money so they get something to eat.And if you also can work at the hospital and help the kids who don’t feel so good and that what you do to help your community.

  16. DA2

    A students role in aiding charities is to give back, and to acknowledge that what they have is a blessing. Many want things but don’t realize what many are in NEED of. Children from as young as 5 to as old as 18 should help expand the value of charities. As a child I always gave away supplies, clothing, and toys I no longer used for charity.

  17. Yr6

    A students role in aiding charities is to give back and help ithesrs less beneficial then ourselves, We don’t realize what others would be grateful to have while others beg for more, Starting at a earlier age kids should be taught about giving back to charities all the way till they’re adults. In my family since we were little till now we have gave old clothes,shoes,and toys to charities we still do that now.

  18. KW6

    At any age students can begin helping with charitable efforts,You can be any age and change the world to make it a better place. Students can make a change and maybe influence other people to do it too and help people get more involved at a young age.

  19. Cd1

    A student of any age can start giving to charities. I believe that when you give to a charity is that you want to give. So whenever you believe you want to give back, then at the age is when you begin. Charity is something you want to do to support a cause and you shouldn’t be force to give if you do not want too. I have donated money to a charity for cancer because a friend of mine has gone through cancer. So giving back to a charity help others but at the same time make you feel like you are doing something good.

  20. AC1

    Students can start helping out at age 12. At this age the kids can start by donating food or volunteering in places. A student can also start with small stuff like helping out in the community that you live in. The student is the only one that knows how much they can help.

  21. ar1

    A student can give at any age they want. You can start with small stuff and move on to the bigger stuff.I believe that everyone should stop at one time in there life to care about others that don’t have what we have everyday. It’s time to start caring for other but ourselves

  22. LM1

    I say that it doesn’t matter how old you are to be able to help charitable efforts. i say that student could help out at any age because its nice to help people out. I say as long as you want to be helping people that are in need then go ahead and help people out.its better to be nice and good to people so they can treat you the same way.i like helping people in need because its sad when they look sad and don’t have something they need.

  23. JV1

    Students should start helping and giving charity at any age. It really shouldn’t matter because as long as you are going it for a good reason. It makes you feel good about yourself knowing you are helping others by giving charity.

  24. VS1

    Personally i feel that students of any age should and could start helping charities, because world hunger and homelessness are two major topics in the minds of those who try to make the world a better place, and by tackling those two world issues, I believe the world will become a better place. A Charity is one of the major helps the world has in the fight against these two issues, so why not support them?

  25. cc1

    in a different way i help in a charitable organization besides the empty bowls was donating can and money to the school to help kids in hunger in 6th grade.I donated like 10 or 20 cans that were in good use and that we were not going to use.

  26. AG1

    I believe a student role to support charities is helping out with what’s needed,volunteering,and donating.Around the age of 11 or 12, students should start participating in events like these.They need to learn about helping others,because in their future they can have the chance to help others in many ways, and it gives them responsibility. Other ways I’ve helped besides this empty bowl project is by donating clothes and food to those in need. My mom does it often and I usually help her.

  27. NW1

    Ways beside doing empty bowl that I’ve helped charitable organizations Is by putting clothes that I cannot wear or is valuable to me is by putting those clothes in the donation cans that are meant for clothes so that they can give to the homeless or ship them off for others that are in need of clothes. I also collect can goods and give them to my teachers that give those to the food drives to provide a meal for the homeless .

  28. JH6

    Aiding Charities is not mandatory for young adults nor adults who use it as an advantage or for them to receive anything back, thus should be preformed for the good of the less fortunate. Not only does it do good emotionally but you would understand that you did something to make the world a better whether it is recycling, picking up trash, giving the homeless money for food, or just donating to charities. Making an impact on the world shouldn’t have to be a favor in return but should be something that you want to do, And not something you should be forced to do. make a change in the world, and help someone in need

  29. AM 1

    I think a person should start helping out in charities once they understand what charities are. Hopefully when a person starts donating to charities they will have the knowledge of knowing that they are helping someone in need and that they are doing something good and making the world around them a better place.

  30. AC1

    i believe as a student that students should start helping charities at any age. I think that anyone can help at whatever age because its always good to start young but any age does the same effect towards a charity. A preferable age to start is in your teen years because thats the time were you are growing up and you’ll learn some lessons.

  31. Lh6

    In my opinion, I think students should start helping with charity at any age. Especially when your a teenager. I say that because once your a teenager, you can learn your life lessons and really just start helping people. It’s really nice to do that because at the end you will feel really good about yourself helping other people.

  32. TG1

    In my opinion I think the students role about helping support charities is to do what’s needed such as giving food, giving money, and volunteering. Also students should really start at the age range between 14 and 16 because that’s when you start getting more mature and will know how serious it is . It’s good to start helping people early because I feel like nothing but good things come from that and they gone have to learn how to because they gone eventually have to help people in the future.

  33. KG6

    In my opinion, a students role in supporting charities is by offering volunteer work. I also believe supporting charities is a responsibility of both a student and adult, as a student has many of the same capabilities as an adult when it comes to support, and tax benefits shouldn’t be on their mind when they aid those charities. Students should begin helping charitable efforts around the age of thirteen, to get them accustomed once they enter high school. Another way that I would have helped a charitable organization besides the Empty Bowls project is through volunteering with animal shelters and local food drives.

  34. Ztf6

    I believe the appropriate age to start doing charity work should be 8th grade minimum. At eighth grade I see and know many people who are mature enough to understand and help charities.

  35. AR6

    In my opinion students should start helping out with charities at age 15 because they are now allowed to go different places on their own and are able to get their own job. Also because they can now think on their own and know what they want to do.

  36. DB1

    i think its appropriate for young adults because responsibility for a young adult to there benefits of taxes breaking.also i think student role charity in my opinion i think it means to voluntary giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian.The people who cannot support themselves and lack outside means of support sometimes become beggar directly soliciting aid from strangers. students should start helping at the of 10-18 or any age. also besides Empty Bowls that you have personally helped a charitable organization. i’ll probably say the slab pot. {Teacher Note: Why did you not capitalize “I”?? You also did not start your sentences with capitals??}

  37. Dc2

    A students role to support charities is to go to school and work hard. If a student works hard in school, they’ll be able to go to college which we lead them to a high paying job to give lots more money to charities. Aiding charities a responsibility for adults who benefit by receiving tax breaks for their charitable contributions. Students should begin with charitible efforts when they are five so helping and donating becomes a habit. Some ways I have personally helped a charitable organization is by packaging food for Feed My Starving Children and giving food out to the homeless with my church.

  38. JMC2

    I do not think there is a certain age to ask students for charitable efforts. Students should know small or big what they feel with helping others. I think everyone likes to help some people. If we could help everyone I think we would. No one should be forced to do charities. They should just have options to do them, be more informed and I think a lot more people would help. Small or big students like helping the ones in need.

  39. GB6

    I feel like a students should be happy that they are giving those in need. While they are students they should start to realize how being involved and being part of a charity can really bring happiness to this world. Students normally seem like that they never to want to do anything for anyone else if they do not receive. If this is how students really feel we can’t do anything about it, but as a student I feel like everyone should start to get involved in charity activities. To me it seems like those who do get involved with charities as a student now, will definitely make a difference in the charities that will exist in the future. The more students start to encourage their own friends, than I believe that in the future there will be a huge difference of giving to those who need the most in this world.

  40. AH6

    I think that a students role to support charities is to help give in the best way that you can. You can start at a young age, just so long you have a heart for giving. I have raised money through school clubs and other programs volunteering.

  41. CF1

    people should donate at an age where they understand why they are doing it. Most kids donate just because their parents are telling them to or because the school they attend are encouraging it. It is important to know and have a good understanding on what you are doing and why you are doing it.

  42. MT1

    I have helped contribute to charity by donating canned goods. Also, over the summer, I participate in a program that gives back to children in foster homes.

  43. DB6

    I think all students should help donating no matter the age. Because in that way they will be helping out a lot of people that are in need. The more the help is out there the more people are being helped

  44. EI6

    . What are some other ways besides Empty Bowls that you have personally helped a charitable organization?
    > another way we can personally help a charitable organization is volunteer to donate stuff we dont use. we can go sell it. we can also make a club after school and make pots with clay charge fees and we can use that money.the teachers can also teach some classes for parents about clay. another example is making fun activities after school or things like that .

  45. JS1

    Students should be able to start helping chariotable efforts at whatever age.They should know what is the reason for donating and for who. If they help others they will feel proud of themselves for doing what they thought they couldn’t do.

  46. B.A1

    Kids should start at any age because you want to give out to the world.It’s a very cruel place out there not every one can go home and feed there children,because they cant afford food.We need to help other’s, and change this world for the better.

  47. JA2

    I think students should be able to donate and help charities if they wanted to. It’s doesn’t matter how old they are. A students role would be going to school getting their education and going to a really nice college and as they get older they could help a lot more people with the certain type of career they have. Aiding charities isn’t just for adults I think young adults could help with charities too. A suitable age for students to help and be able to know what their doing when aiding charities it’s probaly the age of 16 I would say, if they ever wanted to run one themselves. A way that I have personally helped a charitable organization is by doing some community service work on helping others.

  48. hv2

    A student’s role to support charities is to give back. I think students don’t have the responsibility to aid charities.But i think students can start helping with charity efforts at any age.Students can donate old clothes the don’t wear and also donate food.

  49. AB2

    When it comes to the topic of charities, many students can help in many ways such as volunteering or donating. Sharing an act of kindness to those in need is given by those who are committed to help others & should not be seen as a responsibility. Yes, it’s important to give to others, but this should not be seen as an obligation. The act of caring for others & looking out for those who struggle should be open to anyone who is willing to help without the consent of their age. During my junior year in High School, Key club sponsored a field trip to the “Feed my starving children” corporation. This corporation helps those individuals who don’t have food to eat, but mainly focuses on children. My duty was to pack a variety of dry foods that was going to be later sent to those in need. Having the chance to participate not only gave me the opportunity to inform myself, but to also help others.

  50. MB2

    I believe that anyone at any age should have the ability to help around with charitable efforts. At a younger age they can learn to be responsible and to take action to help around in their communities and the people around them that are in need.

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