March 23

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #2 – Week #2:A worldly puzzle with millions of pieces.


The Empty Bowls project is a  national project and this is your chance to be a part of the solution. Pick one of the statements below to comment on:
1. In your opinion, what is a students role to support charities?
2. Is aiding charities a responsibility for a young adult or only for adults who benefit by receiving tax breaks for their charitiable contributions?
3. At what age should students begin helping with charitable efforts?
4. What are some other ways besides Empty Bowls that you have personally helped a charitable organization?

Post your blog to the comment section at the bottom of this blog page and/or respond to comments posted before you.  PLEASE, remember to sign your comments using your intials and period # (EX.  sls5 ).




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214 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #2 – Week #2:A worldly puzzle with millions of pieces.

  1. MF1

    I think kids should become involved in charitable activities at age 10. I say age 10 because that’s the age when kids start learning good from and start taking responsibility for their mistakes. They’ll be able to decide whether or not they want to be involved in charitable activities.

  2. CG1

    1) I feel a students role in supporting charities is too just be aware of what’s going on and not assume that everyone has a life like them and that some people don’t have what they have. 2) I think young adults should be responsible too because by 16 your able to get a job and some teens even have jobs before then so they also can take action and change ways of others. 3) I think at any age they want and as young as they want because it’s nothing bad and the more you grow with years of always helping the needy is such a good thing and it makes you care more. 4) Other ways I personally helped the needy was giving toys to children who didn’t have them and give away clothes that I never wore or stopped using to children who didn’t have much clothing.

  3. GC1

    3.) I think students should start helping with charities at the age of sixteen. I say this because at that age teenagers start to work and they can give some of their earnings to charities. Teenagers should be able to contribute to they community and help others in need.

  4. IP 1

    I think charity is a good way for students to get involved in community service. They are doing good things by helping the needy.

  5. G.R1

    4.) Other ways I have helped charitable organizations was by donating money, and I have volunteered at an Organization where kids that are sucks[sick] stay and it’s like a small hospital, I made the families some food and I have also volunteered at a church that gives homeless people a place to stay for the night. When I was there I served them food and made their beds. I also donated my old toys to kids that couldn’t afford them.

  6. CR1

    3. Students should start helping at an early age. When they help when they’re young, they want to keep doing every year. They earn a sense of pride because they’re being helpful. As they get older, it becomes a routine to do charity work. The earlier the kids help, the more they’ll want to do it the following years.

  7. TG2

    It isn’t or shouldn’t be an age limit on that students should be able to help with charitable efforts. Its just something you want to do. There are young adult out in the world creating charities to help what they support. Its a beautiful thing without an age limit that anybody and everybody could do.

  8. KM2

    3.) i think students shouldn’t have to be a certain age to do charity work. It should be that anyone of any age should be allowed to help if they want to.

  9. Ra2

    I think students should be taught to help their community and contribute help to charities at a young age so they can learn how other people life and see their lifestyles and be thankful and help others as well because not every one is as fortunate as others.

  10. D.D 1

    3) I think kids should start getting involved with charitable even whenever they feel like it. Teens with money get to decide what they want to do with it because they worked hard for it. They shouldn’t feel forced to give their money to someone/something just because everybody else is

  11. JS2

    I think students and children should start at a young age because when they are small they can learn how other people live and how their cultures are and how maybe its different to theirs and to let them think about how thankful of how they live now.

  12. RCR2

    1. In my opinion a students role to support charities is fundraising and actively raising money for that charity.
    2. Aiding charities is a responsibility for a young adult because it’s better for them to give back versus the adults who just benefit from it and aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts
    3. At any age they learn to understand what it means to give and be ok with not receiving .
    4. I have picked up trash on the side of the road to help make the streets cleaner in Westchester, IL .

  13. HC2

    A student role in helping in charities is to help in any way they can like if they know how to bake they can do a bake sale or do a car wash to help charities.

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