March 16

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

As reported on the World Food Day website, Poverty forces people to make choices in countries where the yearly income per person is $100 or less. How would your family live on $100/year per person? What would you do without? Why? What would you eat?

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230 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

  1. JS7

    If my family was living off of $100 a year we would not be living at all. I wouldn’t have enough money to eat so I would have to steal.

  2. ss7

    I don’t think my family would survive on $100/a year i mean we can barely pay our bills. If my family were to earn a little bit of money we would probably save up and not waste it one simple things or we would just cut off the cable and unnecessary stuff.The things that we would eat would be food that isn’t that expensive or go to restaurants that much. We just need to make sure we spend our money wisley.

  3. KS6

    For my family and I it would be extremely hard to live off of 100 dollars a year because we like traveling and going different places we won’t be able to do that with just 100 dollars. Another reason I think it will be hard for my family to live off of 100 dollars because everything is getting really expensive also taxes are killing most people today this is why I think I won’t be able to live off of 100 dollars.

  4. AY6

    Well if each of my family members only got 100 dollars yearly we would have 300. I would do without electronics and expensive clothes because all that stuff isn’t really import and necessary in life. For food I think we would be eating a lot of rice or beans. I find this charity helpful for those in need.

  5. AL1

    If my family had 100$ a year per person we would have 400$ and that will not be wnough to maintain throughout the year. We wouldnt even have enough money to eat all year. We probably would have to skip meals constantly. I would have to live without electronics and clothes and also shoes. I probably would have to wear the same thing because we wouldnt have enough money.

  6. JL7

    If my family lived on a 100$ year/per person we wouldn’t really be able to do much with that money.instead of wasting the money my family would save it up to have enough to buy things. I wouldn’t have any type of electronics at all not that much clothes either, we’d probably wouldn’t be able to get enough food to feed us and we’d skip means a lot.

  7. RG6

    It would be hard for my family to live off $100/year because there is a lot of people in my household, therefore the more money we have to spend and more mouths to feed. We would have to give up our electronics. Also, it would be hard buying clothes and shoes for everyone.

  8. JSJ4

    JSJ4 I believe that this project will be very helpful to people who are in need. Many people therefore have to sacrifice what they have to help their families.

  9. ML2

    If my family was to live of an income of $100year/per person i think we really wouldn’t be able to do much with that money because we would have to pay bills and we also personal needs and other stuff and we couldn’t really eat a fancy meal because now a day things are really expensive also we would have to skip meals because we wouldn’t be able to have enough food for everyone in the family, and also we would have to give up electronics because we wouldn’t be able to afford them.

  10. jj2

    If my family only had 100$ a year per person we probably wouldnt live. Me and my family would probably only save the money for medicine or something more important that comes up.A meal would probably be something from the trash or that we begged to get. Id most likely skip meals everyday and starve to death.

  11. EP

    I think it is very hard to live off $100 a year. It is already hard to find a way to afford food, let alone pay bills with only $100. I think that I would go to McDonalds and eat off the dollar menu. My family would also need to cut off all the electronics that we use and all the things we don’t really need, such as cable and wifi.

  12. DK4

    I dont think its possible for an entire family to live off of $100 each per year. Maybe a month, but not a year. It’s already hard enough paying for groceries, bill paying and transportation. You can probably limit down your meals to once or twice a day but little children are always going to need more. The economy now is very curupt so $100 wouldnt even last a family for a week .


  13. JF4

    If me and my family had to live off $100 we would have to sell a lot of the stuff we own. Also we would only be able to use not even a dollar a day for each person and that can only be for buying food any other beside food would mess up are budget .We would have to make a garden with all types of fruits and vegetables and only would be able to drink water. Also we would have to do a lot of cooking at home we wouldn’t be able to go out to eat at all unless we go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s and eat the cheapest thing they have on the menu.

  14. J.E6

    i think its very hard to live off of $100 bececause you already have to pay bills and you house gas and you have to pay bus car fee if you want go somewhere

  15. AL4

    I believe me and my family would have it really bad if we had to live with $100/a year per person. We wouldn’t be able to buy all the things we want. For example, we wouldn’t be able to buy phones and have cable. The reason for this is because just alone a phone bill might be $300 to$400. We really wouldn’t be able to have anything but food and clothes. Now, when it comes to food we we probably have a very unhealthy diet. The reason being, is that more healthy foods like vegetables are more expensive than unhealthy food like burgers, and fries. We will still manage to live however, we wouldn’t be living the best life.

  16. JS6

    I believe it would be a difficult task to live off of $100 a year. For food, I would probably only eat plain bread and drink water. Also, instead of eating 3 times a day, I would eat once a day so that I can save more food. My family would have to live without electronics such as, a cell phone and internet because those things aren’t needs.

  17. CM4

    It would be very hard for my family to live off $100 a year.We barely have enough money to pay the bills of the rent, electricity and more.We will need to eat off the dollar menu.With only my dad working its especially hard,he is the only one who brings money to the house and its very hard to find a job out there these days.Either way i am truly blessed to have a place where to sleep,eat, and enjoy my life.Others don’t have much at all and i thank God for all he has gave me.CM4

  18. jv4

    If my family had to live with 100$/ year per person, we would not survive. We would have to pay bills, buy clothing and food. Everything is getting more expensive now in days! So most likely my family will cut all the unnecessary things. For example , the cable and wifi. So we can have a little bit more of money in our saving account.

  19. B.M.2

    My family would probably only be able to eat once every day since its a family of 5 and healthy food is a lot more expensive than fast food,but we would probably eat the food from McDonald’s or burger king since its cheaper and we probably wouldn’t gain weight since we would be barely eating.Also we would be forced to move out of our house and live in an a cheap apartment.Also we probably would stop using all of our technology and we wear the same clothing .We would also barely take showers since we will be charged for electricity and water.Eventually we will end up getting kicked out since we wouldn’t have enough money to stay and we wouldn’t be able to go to school,and be forced to live on the streets begging for food.

  20. VA6

    If my family would be living off $100 a year, it would be very hard. I think we would have to do without out most of the things we have now. It wold also be hard to pay bills and get food. I think we would have to save our money.

  21. JV4

    If my family had to live off of $100 per year we’d probably use it for food. It wouldn’t be much of a live either. We wouldn’t have shelter or clothes. My parents would cut off all the technology. We’d probably eat beans. My brothers & I wouldn’t have our glasses. My older brother & I wouldn’t have our inhalers. There would be a lot of stuff my family wouldn’t have.

  22. Mj2

    I would have to cut out a lot of non-essential items that I would buy everyday. I would live without a lot of unessessary things like phones and electronics and think of ways to earn extra money. I would have to eat undesirable foods that cost to much for the budget I have

  23. AL4

    I would try to save money as much as possible, it would be hard to live without money , because u need money for everything to eat buy thing that are necessary etc. i would eat rice beans and leftover so i can save up money to not die .

  24. tc4

    If my family and I had to live with just $100 a year It would most likely be a living hell for us. We have a pretty big family , a lot of little kids to maintain. We would have to cut technology off for good and just stick with reading books or the newspaper if we can ever afford that. We wouldn’t have transportation to go anywhere. Our food will be limited, the most we could eat would be canned food which really isn’t the best thing to eat. And this makes me realize how homeless people actually get to live , they probably get more than $100 and still live in the streets which is pretty sad to even think of.

  25. KA4

    My family would not survive only $100 per year. That would only add up to $500 and my little sister is only a year old so she could not survive by $100. With only that amount of money, we can’t afford clothes or electronics but that isn’t really important. We would probably only eat rice, beans, and candy since that’s the only inexpensive items we could eat. So overall, we would not survive just only with $100.

  26. CH2

    If my family only had 100$ to live on for a year we would be economical everything would be on a budget we would due without things that we just want and purchases the necessary things we need to survive on we would eat the same food just from less expensive stores and utilize food pantries and grow are vegetables.

  27. LS4

    $600 will be our family income per year. Me and my family would have to find smarter techniques to live and save our money. For example, we would have to cut off all the technology, eat once a day, not live in a house and so much other things. We wouldn’t be living a normal life we would struggle a lot. We wouldn’t be having a healthy life at all! Eating once a day isn’t good especially if all you can eat is a piece of bread and water just to keep yourself hydrated. So this is why you have to appreciate everything you got in life because theres other people that wish they would get a good meal at least once a day.L.S 4

  28. DA2

    I believe a students role to support charities is to advocate it, speak upon it, and show others that it’s an important matter in our world today. Yes aiding charities can be our responsibility because it’s in our hands to make a change when possible in our society. I believe people should begin at a young age with helping with charities. At the age of 5 and up student should help with charities so they can learn to not only receive but give to others that are in need. Besides making an empty bowl I donate my clothes to charities when I can no longer wear them because I out grown them. It helps a lot for children and adults who are in need of some assistance in their life and also for people who struggle.

  29. ADJ6

    How my family will live on $100 is by buying vegetables,meats,and fruits. I can live without junkfood because it’s not healthy for our family.The kind of food we would buy is chicken,fish turkey,ham,samon and for vegetables mixed vegetables and for fruit apples, strawberries,grapes,oranges buleberries,watermelons

  30. TG1

    For me and my family we would have up to $300 per year and we would have to manage our money and keep it as long as we can but I don’t think we would survive because we would have to pay all type of bills and things like that. If we didn’t have nothing we wouldn’t survive but we can probably go to the rest of our family for help and if we only had up to $300 dollars we would try and buy foods that we can eat and save and eat on every other day instead of little snacks so food like a lot of chicken and can goods .

  31. NW1

    Yearly income in my house in total would be $500 ,for us that would be hard because to feed 5 people for a year would mean we would have to spend our savings wisely.We would have to go without expensive food, and restaurant take out.Due to that food not being useful enough to last us only a few days .Instead we would buy canned goods ,and frozen foods to last longer.

  32. AC1

    If my family had only $100 for are yearly income there would be a lot of things that we most live without and most likely can live without. Another big problem that I have noticed is that a lot of families either throw away food or buy to much of it and never finish it. I hope that when I grow older I can help a little more with charities.

  33. AC1

    If my family was to live on a $100 per person budget for a year it wouldn’t be enough. Even though its $600 dollars for a year its not really enough to feed 6 people for a whole year. If we would to live in that budget we would have to eat mostly cheap restaurant foods or canned food. We would at least be able to survive for 3 months on cheap foods

  34. JV1

    For my family we would have to live off of $400 a year. We would just have to buy food that is the most best for us to go throughout our day. We will have to take out any food that we know isn’t going to be healthy enough. We will only have to eat once a day because $400 isn’t enough for the whole family so we will have to use the money wisely.

  35. Lh6

    If me and my family would live with $100 per year, we would probably not survive. We would just not use our electronic devices. We would have to eat once everyday and save our money as much as we can. Without $100 right now, we would not even be here. It’s really hard to save alot of money for my family and other families that have alot of people and have to also feed them. We even have to pay for the food and also bills. Honestly we would not survive wother only 100 dollars per year.

  36. AM1

    For me and my family to live of $600 a YEAR would be simply devastating. i don’t know how we would make ends meet. i don’t know if we would have enough food for all six in my family or if we will have enough for the bills. i don’t if we would have a roof over our heads with enough room for all six of us. i don’t think we would do good in maintaining a good life like this. i seriously doubt it.

  37. JR1

    Well if we were getting payed 100 dollars a year I don’t think that would be enough because we are waiting year after year and those are long times now if they would to say 100 dollars per month that would be more like it and when people run out of money they are going to have to either grow something like fruits and vegetables but I would still take that but I’ll be honest I would still take the offer but if I wouldn’t have that I don’t know what I would do to recover that because money don’t grow on trees .

  38. AG1

    If my family had to live at $100 a year per person, we’d use it all for food. We would try to save as much money as possible and not spend a lot of it at once. We would also be living through sacrifices of not spending money on other things, and just focus on things that are necessary and can keep us alive every year.

  39. Lm1

    I would say that for my family to live one year just with $100 I think it’s impossible because right now we use more that $100. I think we would cancel like the cable and the phones. We would save the money for food even though it won’t help for long because theirs 9 people in my family witch includes my brother’s 3 girls and girlfriend. If we got the chance we will save up money and learn how to use it wisely. We would have to pay water ,electricity,gas,etc bills . I don’t think we would make it through the year with just $100.

  40. FH1

    If my family was living on a $100 yearly income I dont think we would have enough miney to buy food for every day of the year, we woud have to pick and choose the days we would eat. Our total yearly income woukd be $400, we wouldnt have a safe home, we wouldnt be able to afford nice clothes. We woukd have to stay in the same clothes,we would have to buy water to stay hydrated. For food I would grow crops so we would have enough to eat and the crops will just continue to grow. It would be a very challenging to live off a $400 yearly income

  41. Cd1

    Theirs five people in my family so I would say I won’t be able to live a year with $500 because we have to pay bills. For the google we will have to buy just what we need for the day or week. Knowing they would steal for food they love food and are always hungry. We would disconnect what we don’t need like the phones and cable.

  42. KG6

    If me and my family were living off of 100 dollars per year it would most likely all go to cheap food in large quantities, such as a knock-off brand of a large box of ramen noodles, and cheap bottled water. However it still wouldn’t last long because me and my family are five people, in the end we would probably starve or become ill and wouldn’t be able to afford medical care.

  43. Sm6

    If me and my family only had $100 per year we will not survive. We would not survive because we need to pay bills, food, etc. We will try to save much money as possible.over all we will probably not survive.

  44. JA6

    My family would not be able to live on $100. We would more money to buy food. Also the amount of food we need to buy depends on the money earned. If we didn’t have enough money to buy food I would steal food to feed my self and my family

  45. AH6

    If my family and I had only 100 dollars to live off of,we would only use it on the important things like food, water, and shelter. The rest of the money will be saved for emergencies.

  46. DB1

    if me in my family only had $100 per person. first we will split it in only use it when we have to buy food only . other than that me in my family wouldn’t survive with hundreds also we will try to get a job if we can have more money.

  47. EIM1

    If my family had $100/a year per person we would have $500 in total. We would not have enough money to survive, but we at least have something. If we would of had to live with $500 a year we would not been able to have enough food or for our daily needs. we would of just ate bread with water or just beans .Also we would of had to move to a smaller house and sell our dog and some personal stuff to live.But if we didn’t had had those $500 we would of been dead or asking people for help or for money.

  48. JMC2

    If my family had 100 per person only for a year we would not be able to survive. There is a lot of young people in my family and a couple older people who would need more than others. and that money would not be enough. We would have to steal from the rich because asking for money is not going to get us no where neither would be stealing but for needs to help your loved ones that is where we would end up with 100 dollars a year per person

  49. MT1

    I would not be able to survive with $100 a year. I already spend about $70 a week so there would be on way I could live off $100 a year. If that was the case, I would probably starve or not have any type of clothing/toiletries. Also, I probably would be living on the streets. It’s tough to base my life on $100 a year when I am used to more. I know that it would be a challenge to survive.

  50. DE1

    If my family I only had $100 we would use it it very carefully. We would only use it during emergencies and for food. Those would be the most reasonable options for my family.

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