March 16

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

As reported on the World Food Day website, Poverty forces people to make choices in countries where the yearly income per person is $100 or less. How would your family live on $100/year per person? What would you do without? Why? What would you eat?

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230 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

  1. MV1

    I think my family wouldn’t make it that far with just 100/per year.I really think the empty bowl project is a great program because theirs many people that truly could see the sunshine in there day by bringing them a bowl with soup.This why i really like this project knowing that hopefully i would help someone out/brightening their day.

  2. IH3

    This was something people now a days should do like making bowls to donate charity [and] helps the [hungry] eat their meals, which was a good thing to do. These people deserve to eat because most of us eat our food but [there are] others to think about that need food.

  3. S2C

    I liked the empty bowl project. My family could not survive off of $100 a year. I would eat waaaay less than I do now because I would have to think about what we actually need.

  4. CAG1

    I think that the empty bowl project was a great way to help people who are not as fortunate as we are. There are rich people in this world who have billion of dollars and can’t even give one penny to people who are starving.`

  5. JG3

    I don’t think my family could live off of 100 dollars a year but if we had to I wouldn’t use things like the internet or my phone so my family could pay for food and such. We’d probably eat the cheapest thing we could find or grow our own fruits or vegetables.

  6. db3

    My family would not be able to live off of s hundred dollars I don’t think anyone could. And without the money I don’t think we would eat or be able to do much of anything. I would have to ask for money and search for a place to get very cheap food. No one can or should have to live off of a hundred dollars.

  7. GB3

    I think it is a good pot and I will love to do it. I think it can be great for anyone to do.

  8. Db3

    To be honest I don’t think my family would be able to survive on 100 per year. That not enough money for food or even housing or clothes. I would have to do with out a lot of things like my phone and me eating fast food. Most likely I would be forced to eat beans,bread or anything cheap to eat.

  9. ED2

    I think my family and I would have a budget plan and we would cut back on unnecessary things such as cable, internet, and house phones. We would probably eat rice, chicken, home cooked meals and not restaurant food. We might not be able to go out and just spend money on ourselves and buy clothes. I would possibly have to get a job in order to make ends meet and we would be in an apartment or living with another family member until we get on our feet. This project is helping us make other people happy and letting them know people care about them.

  10. AG2

    In my opinion I think that It’ll be a struggle to be living off $100/yr per person. Especially with the number of Siblings that live in my house. We’d be in need of more.

    I think that The Empty Bowl project Is A very caring idea for those in need. It shows a way of showing that we can help people. I hope and wish for the best for those in need.

  11. MO2

    I believe my family would not survive with 100 a year per family members. We would have to give up using a lot of electricity because it cost a lot for the use of electricity. Get less food per meal even skip a meal. We would have to eat things that are affordable price.

  12. JV3

    I don’t think anyone can live off of $100 income per person for a year. And the people that really can’t survive with that much money should be helped by others. I would have to probably cut down on what i eat and try not to spend the money we do have on a lot. This empty bowl project does make you think about others and you feel good helping someone else and doing it for a good cause.

  13. ej3

    Having that amount of money in my family would leave us living in streets. We’re a family of nine. It would miserable living without a good economic structure. I wouldn’t have a phone or a house big enough for us. There simply wouldn’t be enough money for all of us. We would eat like twice a week and not so much so we won’t spend our money. I’m happy we did the empty bowl project, we would be helping a person and hopefully brighten their day.

  14. LP2

    In my household we would have a total of $300. We would most likely be homeless. Some days we would have to wear the same clothing because detergent is costly. Something we would have to do without is our pet dog because she is expensive. She needs rabbi shots, food, baths, etc. It would be really hard to decide what to eat and we wouldn’t be able to afford to eat out. We would have to budget very carefully and only buy food that would last for more than one meal. What if one of us falls ill? We would have to buy medicine which is also costly. Another thing we would have to do without is electricity and use flashlights when it is dark. Since we wouldn’t have any electricity, that means no ELECTRONICS!

  15. IF2

    I find it almost impossible for a family to survive off of $100/year per person. My family members and I would probably only get to eat a very small amount of food a day, maybe even go some days without eating if we lived on such a small budget. I find it very sad that people live on such small amounts.

  16. KW3

    I think The Empy Bowl project was a good way to show us how people really live & what they go through from day to day without food . I really think we should do more projects like that.

  17. RP1

    We would probably live in a bad condition and I don’t think my family would be able to live on only hundred dollars per year and per person, but if I had to live on only that much money I would do without internet. Also I would do without internet because in many causes its not needed. With only this much money I would try to eat as much as I can everyday.

  18. Mr1

    I think my family wont do it with 100$ per year . I will live without using computers/internet websites because you really don’t need it sometimes you would need it for something important but there’s places were they would have them. I would eat anything that has been done just to have something and be able to concentrate.

  19. TF2

    I don’t know how we would make it. We would have to do without almost everything. We would probably wear the same clothes all week. No electronics. We probably wouldn’t live in a house. The food we would have to eat would probably be rice. You can buy a lot of rice for cheap.

  20. AB2

    Me and my family may not have a chance to live with $100 per year. The reason is I would have to wear exactly the same stuff everyday, no touch screen phones{ or any kind of phone}, no internet, and buy food that is so cheap.

  21. tea1

    My family and I would not survive that long with only that small amount of money. We go through one hundred dollars at least every week. We would have to do some real serious sacrificing to survive for even a month or two.

  22. JD1

    I know it would be hard to survive on just $100 but you would need use it wisely. My family probably wouldn’t have running water, electricity, or gas to power stoves or the heater and any other luxury. We would probably go to a shelter because they will give you a place to sleep and eat for at least a little while I don’t know how long.

  23. CM3

    I dont think my family would be able to survive on $100 per year. We would be forced to eat very little and anything cheap. Also $100 is not enough to buy clothes, running water, electricity, or gas. So we wouldnt be able to live in the home we live in.

  24. CM1

    My family will definitely not be able survive on $100 a year, considering my family consists of six. I think the empty bowl project is a good way to help the less fortunate, knowing that such a small donating can make a huge difference to someone else.

  25. MG1

    Personally, I dont think my family and I would make it with the $100/per year because there would be so much things to pay for, like bills, food and etc. I think this project was a good idea.

  26. AL1

    I don’t think my family would make it 100$ per year. The average has a lot of needs to pay, so they have to spend it wisely. So this says a lot. I really love this project because having the feeling that my class and other kids are doing this to help the people in need of starving and not having 3 meals per day can change their day. We make bowls to represent and show them that we care a lot and support them.

  27. Amh1

    If My Family Had To Live off $100 per year it would be very difficult. 100 dollars can be spent easily so my family would have to go with out a lot of things. We would probably use candles and fire but no electricity because that has to be paid for. I also believe we wouldn’t be living with material things like clothes.most likely we would make clothes and shelter.

  28. EC1

    I think my family and I wouldn’t survive on 100$ per year because of lack of money.The reason is because maybe some days we may eat a little food maybe days were we don’t eat at all because of just how little money we have. I truly do like the empty bowl project I think it’s a good project because we’re basically helping poverty people.

  29. FG1

    I don’t think my family could live off of or eat with $100 per year. Now a days life is rough and some can’t afford food but in this case my opinion would be that my entire family wouldnt eat, we would have to sacrifice each others money and meals just so someone else can eat in the family. This being said, I wouldn’t eat barely any food but if we really think about it, this situation is happening to people all over the world.

  30. JMA1

    If each of my family members only received 100 dollars per year we would not survive. We would have to watch our money very carefully. We would only buy what is really necessary like food ,water, some clothes. We would have to try hard not waste any kind of food source. I would buy and eat the foods that will give me the most nutrients that my body needs. I would only buy water, no sodas or juices of any kind.

  31. JM1

    I don’t think my family would be able to survive on that little money. Things would be hard and I can only imagine what families that actually live like that have to go through. the empty bowl project is really a great thing to do, it gives people useful things that might not be easy for them to come by, I’m sure it helps a lot.

  32. Jw1

    My family would not be able to live off that little amount of money because in this year of 2014, things are quite expensive and everything in the world costs. We wouldn’t eat every night if we only had $100 a year because 1 trip to the grocery store my family is about $100, and we run out very fast. My mother would be a very stressed woman if that was happening to out family and of course it is occurring in other families, but our family can’t really be without what we want and need. So that would be hard for my family to deal with.

  33. EL1

    I moved out here a year ago.I was living with my mom and auntie but now i live with my dad,stepmom,2brothers and a dog.I know for a fact that my family couldnt live off of 100$ because we use that on food in about a week or two.

  34. MS1

    If my family had a income of $100 we would be in the cheapest apartment available if we can find one that cheap. I would hate it because you cant have any luxury, can’t have a phone, no internet, buy books, buy alot of food,probably eating the same food everyday.

  35. KC1

    I don’t think my family would be able to live off of 100 dollars a year. It would be very tough to only get to eat a little portion of food everyday. I don’t even want to think what we would do without it. There are people out there that don’t eat for days. That is why I think that the empty bowl project is a great way to give people a chance to get to eat something for the day. It shows many people to not waste food and to not eat more than needed. I am sure that I am going to enjoy doing this project because it is for a good cause.

  36. MS1

    Well I think that my family wouldn’t make it with 100 dollars . and I think this is a good program because it show u a lot of new things that u could do like the (empty bowl) or some different stuff .

  37. D.M 1

    If my family and i would only have $100 dollars to spend a year we would literally go crazy and probably starve to death in a short period of time. In today’s days $100 dollars doesn’t get you a lot and specially not for one 1 year, every time we go grocery shopping the bill comes out to be over $150 since everything is very expensive now a days. We would have to eat soup, beans, and rice to survive for a whole year. We never think about stuff like this but people actually suffer from this a year.

  38. A.R 1st

    We would probably be eating burgers every day to survive with $100 every year so we wont be wasting the money just like that you have to be careful with what you eat because you may not have enough money by the end of the month. So that’s why you suppose to a lot of money to survive and to eat and be healthy. That’s why you suppose to have a lot of energy to be active and if you don’t eat then you wont have energy and won’t be healthy at all.

  39. BB1

    I have a family of eight and $100/per person wouldn’t work for us. I don’t think that we are even going to make it with that kind of money. If we had this problem, my parents are going to make a sacrifice by feeding their kids first then them. In this 2015 a lot of things are more expensive especially by paying bills. So what I think The Empty Bowl Project is going to help families that doesn’t have much and is going to help them have what they need.

  40. E.Z 6

    First I would save the money of course. I would also make a list of what we have of food a split it for the week. But I know it can be stressful.

  41. JL6

    For my family it would be pretty hard to only live off of $100 per year per person. This would be hard for me because I enjoy going out with my friends and getting my nails done. Another reason this would be hard for me is because things are becoming very expensive so $100 will not work.

  42. EC 6

    I think it’s impossible for my family to survive on $100/year. I would probably end up starving to death. I also wouldn’t have a T.V or any electronics at all because I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I wouldn’t really eat much a day. Its a good thing that someone came up with the empty bowls project to help people out.

  43. EC7

    If my parents made $10$ a year I feel as if my life wouldn’t be as blessed as it it now. $100 a year is basically nothing and the only food we could buy would maybe be a few loafs of bread, some ham, and milk for sweet bread. Its questions like these that really make me be happy that each and every day i have a good bed to sleep in and plenty of food to eat.

  44. NW7

    I honestly don’t know, honestly I’d think it’s safe to say that we’d downsize or rent space to other people in order to keep a flow of money the house, I’m not sure though.

  45. SF7

    As part of a family of 5, i do not think that my family would be able to live off of $100 a year, even if it was $100 per person each year. I don’t think that we would be able to live off of that amount of money because groceries, clothing, bills, and many other things are very expensive. $100 in groceries won’t buy you enough to feed once person for a year, let alone 5. I think that the empty bowl project would help because it would be able to help families that aren’t able to buy certain utilities that they need for their homes.

  46. OR7

    I don’t think my family would survive on $100 per a year because of the number of siblings i have.
    I like the program a lot and it’s helpful in a lot of ways.

  47. js7

    I highly doubt my family could make it far with 100 dollars/per year. a reason why we wouldnt survive is because in the world today, 100$ isnt much,it wouldnt pay for enough items for a person to survive. A lot of things would be sacrificed for my family to stand.

  48. kg7

    In my family we wouldn’t be able to survive with $500 dollars I have 1 brother 1 sister, and both my parents we eat a lot. We sure wouldn’t be able to make it a whole year.

  49. VM1

    I have a family of 4 , although its small , we usually eat a lot and $100/ per person wouldn’t be enough. We will defiantly have to make some sacrifices and cut down on the things we don’t need. If it were ever come to a point where it was needed I think we would forces on McDonalds and get the best out of it.

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