March 16

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

As reported on the World Food Day website, Poverty forces people to make choices in countries where the yearly income per person is $100 or less. How would your family live on $100/year per person? What would you do without? Why? What would you eat?

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230 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

  1. JA6

    I feel that this project “Empty Bowl” is really going to open many of our eyes. I feel that we are basically spoiled, we always eat out, or throw food out when there are people out there starving 🙁 About the $100/ year I doubt any American can survive.

  2. MR6

    Actually there is a lot of places where people are paid less for an hour than what others gain. If we were to have $100/year per person in my family it would not be enough to pay for all the things we are use to having and eat. It would be hard to put food on our table but we would have to find a way to make it doable for a couple of days. I also think if that’s the case more people will value what they have and be more responsible with their jobs and their family. Also, students or younger kids will have to work at a youger age to help support their family.

  3. KM1

    The empty bowl project seems a great idea for the unfortunate, we could learn how they survive through tough conditions.

  4. TD1

    I believe that these pots are something that every school should get into because it not only helps others and the less fortunate but it also gives us something to do and feel good about! I am proud to be apart of this project and also looking forward to starting my pot tomorrow!

  5. GC1

    If my family and I had to live off of $100 per person in today’s economy, I don’t think we’d live where we live or have any of the appliances we are lucky to have. Life would definetly be much different and figuring out where to get our next meal from would be a greater priority than what shows are on tv.

  6. RM1

    Living off of 100 dollars would definitely be hard and a major struggle. But it’s not impossible. If my family and I budget our money correctly and find alternate resources for food, we would be able to survive and make our money last. {Teacher’s note: You may one of the few who expressed the possibility of making the 100/year work for your family, this is optimism!}

  7. DSC1

    It’s hard to imagine living a life where there is $100 per year limit per family member. {Teacher’s note: This is not a limit but a statistic on the average annual income per person per year.} If my family had to leave on that then we would not spend money on education. Although education could benifit my family in the future, it would more important for us to survive with food then education. We would live in a cheap apartment. We would not have any electricity, but we will have water and heat. We would not use any heat unless we really need it. We would try to save every extra dollar we could. {Teacher’s note: Intresting that you might choose to sacrifice education. Would this not keep the cycle going, if know one in your family could then get a better education and therefore a better paying job/skill?}

  8. JL1

    If my family got $100 per person we would only spend it on the things that we need the most like shetler, food, and clothing. I would really not have the same stuff that have now and I would have to do with out.

  9. MR1

    This project is a great eyeopener, it has a good meaning behind it.
    We complain for the smallest things sometimes, and we forget that there are people out there who are truly suffering.
    I think it is possible for people to live off $100 per person. People wouldn’t be so greedy as they are today. I would have to stretch that $100 and only buy necessary things.

  10. MJ6

    I have enjoyed making this empty bowl. Although this was a tedious creation, I hope it is well appreciated.

  11. SM1

    I think that empty bowls are for a good cause. empty bowls are for a good cause because I believe that students should be glad to help the hunger and be able to give them something. these empty bowls are like gifts and they help the hunger by letting them go around and to be able to taste things they never taste before or to at least put something in their stomachs. helping the hunger will help you, it will help you because at least you would no u did something for these hunger people and you didnt just do this for your self.

  12. AH1

    My family would have to go without as many clothes and shoes, cable, not a lot of food. We wouldn’t be able to have many things and we would barely survive off of just $100, because that’s usually how much is spent on groceries. So, if that’s all that we had we would be struggling and barely making it each day.

  13. DK6

    I think the empty bowl is a great project in Ceramics because in my opinion it represents the empty bowls that hungry people see everyday because their families can’t afford to buy food like most everyone else does. Though some people in class may see it as just another project, I see it as another challenge and a symbol. The symbolism is not obvious but its still there. [Teacher’s Note: Symbolism is all about the person who looks and sees.]

  14. AM1

    There are a lot of people that live on $100 or less as annual income. If my family had to live on $100 income per person we [would] have to focus on only paying the bills of the house and food that we need to eat. We will only pay the bills that are essential to live like water, gas, electricity and rent. Also, the food that we will eat will be good food that the body needs [Teacher’s Note: If you take a close look, you will find that the healthiest foods tend to be more expensive that say fast foods.] and we will not be able to afford a lot of days so we will skip meals. The things that we will live without [would] probably be no internet, no cell phones and no cable. We could live without those amenities because we can live a perfectly good life without them, those luxury amenities are not essential to live. A lot of people in this time frame think that we need those amenities but the truth is that the human body only needs a shelter and food to work properly. That is how my family will live on a $100 annual income per person.

  15. DH6

    This project helped me to realize how unfortunate people in different countries [have it]. In America, many people complain about how their jobs dont pay them enough but there’s always someone who has it worse and would be grateful to have that pay. If I were in a situation were I only had $100/per person per year to survive off, I honesty dont know how I would do it.

  16. vc5

    I think that this project is good. I feel it will give us a understanding of how people have survived
    without having any food or anything else that we have.

  17. CC1

    I think the Empty Bowls are for a good cause. If my family had to live on $100/year per person, we would have to give up a lot of things that we’re use to [having].

  18. SD6

    The “Empty Bowls Project” is a wonderful way to wake up all the kids and tell them, “Everyone doesn’t have what you have, so be grateful!” No one should have to live on that kind of salary and that little supply of resources. I, personally, don’t think I could survive on that salary. Well, I probably could, but it [would] be very hard. The kids of this generation want EVERYTHING, and our parents do ANYTHING for us to get it, and [we] are still not appreciative. Those kids [Teacher’s note: Those who live in poorer countries] see stuff and have to suffer reality and know that they can’t get it. So they don’t even ask. As appose to us who get it on first call. We have to wake up and start appreciating, at least some, of the things that we are blessed with, because our blessings might be a struggle to someone else. [Teacher’s note: Well stated and though out.]

  19. AC5

    So far this project been so fun, I’m glad this project could help people. Helping the hungry is a good thing to do. Empty Bowls will help many of the hungry out there, so I’ll wish everybody good luck.

  20. JJ6

    If my family had to live on only a $100 per person for a year we’d have to give up on everything we know. Rent for our apartment alone is nearly $800. Most “average” americans wouldn’t be able to live like this. [Teacher’s Note: Remember that people who go hingry or even homeless are sometimes classified as “average”.}

  21. AN5

    If my family was to receive $100 per person for a year we would have to do without a lot of stuff; and honestly most of my siblings probably wouldn’t be in school because that’s not enough money for anyone to go to college or high school. The sad thing is that’s how it is in most parts of the world. Countries like America have big companies in countries like China because they know they can pay them almost nothing for their labor instead of having the companies in their own country were paying them that cheap is illegal.

  22. AS5

    I think that this project is a very good idea. I know that if our family would recieve an annual amount of only $100/ per person, life would be very hard. It also shows us that we should be thankful for what we have.

  23. JS5

    An annual income of $100/person wouldn’t take us anywhere. We should also take into account the attitude we’ll take towards the problem, either go in the same direction or go after the lifestyle we want. There are opportunities and people who support their family by selling on streets, working in unsuitable places or even giving their family member thier meal is something to be admired and applauded. They’re looking [out] for their family welfare. It’s a shame some of us don’t realize or appreciate what we have. 🙁

  24. KC6

    I think that the empty bowl project is a good thing that would motivate us as students to help the poor and do a positive thing like this in the future. [This]is just another way for us to express art in a different way.

  25. kc6

    The empty bowl project is going to be fun and positive creation. I think when the people see that high school students took the time making bowls it [will] touch their hearts.

  26. DW5

    To make clay bowls for people is a great way to show other people that you can make a difference for others in need.

  27. JM6

    My family would not be able to live on 100$ per/person. we spend more than that in a day. I believe we are spoiled and take what we have for granted. Although we would be able to eat, it would not be much. We would be able to eat snacks such as, cookies, fruit, and cereal. We could not eat full meals all the time.

  28. JYT5

    If my family and I had to live on a $100 per person a year it would be very difficult and a lot of sacrifices would have to be made because you can’t support a family 0n $300. We would have to cut out the things that aren’t necessities like internet, phones, and televisions- but they are something we do use on a daily basis that I do think we take for granted. We would not be able to afford the house we live in and we would not have the transportation we use to get from point A to B. So therefore we most likely would live in a shelter or stay with other family members. So I think this project is a great way to give back and to make us pay attention to the things we have and how much we think they don’t mean much becuase the fact of the matter is everybody isn’t that fortunate and this could happen to anybody. NO ONE is exclude. The thought that people really do live like that and some way worse and make a living for themselves, their famililes, and some better than us. I give all my resepect to them. The point is living on a $100 person a year is very hard and its very unfortunate but for some people its way of life, turning a bad situation into a livable environment for them and their families.

  29. LDM6

    When I first learned about this project, I had no clue what it was about. And [until] Friday I barely got what the point in all of the bowl making, and It didn’t hit me till now, that the empty bowl making project is to help people that are less fortunate. To my knowledge the bowls will be bought and the money will be donated. And this is a worthwhile project that I think every high school students should participate in. Not just for a grade. But this project helps me appreciate what I have more, because I may never know when it will be taken away from me unexpectedly.

  30. MW5

    I can’t even imagine how life would or could be if my family were only be able to make $100 a year. And I think that this “Empty Bowl” project is a great idea for students to participate in!

  31. JB1

    I think this a good idea because it benefits others. It’s also a charity towards people to help them. Our bowls can help millions of people so that’s why I say it’s an amazing idea and I admire it.

  32. SR6

    I think that this project is a good idea and it will {show} alot of people that their are so many people that don’t have {anything} to eat so they should appreciate what they have.

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  34. AC5

    I think that this project is actually good for us. It gives our community the chance to give back and help the people that are hungry. We just sit around and throw away food when we could be giving people that food. If my family had only $100 I feel that I would be appreciative [of] it but I’m grateful for what I have and just happy to [give] to people that actually need it. {Teacher’s Note: congratulations on being the first of the semester to post to the blog. Your sentiment is appreciated and so is your hard work on this project.}

  35. St6

    I think that its a good project because,us being teenagers we sometimes take stuff for granted.And also it’s a good project because you are showing how much you care for the people who don’t have the thing you have so,really it is a good project to encourage the ones you [are] making it for.

  36. TS1

    I think the Empty Bowls project helps us realize that we take advantage of things like food. A lot of people in and out of the United States go without these things. We complain when we cant have the latest technology or clothes when there are people who don’t even know where their next meal will come from. I don’t think its possible to live off of $100/year and it is sad because for some people this is reality.

  37. JMA6

    I do not think that my family or ANY family could really survive off of that kind of income. If we were in that situation, we might be in a shelter or even homeless spending the little income we do have on food and clothes. I smypathize for those who are in that situation.

  38. AFJ1

    I believe that with only a $100 a year that no one would be able to survive unless they are able to feed on little things , I know I would [have] went hungry in like a month. You would have to go without basically everything because how can[not] you even afford a home. I’m happy that I’m able to help feed the hunger. – AFJ1

  39. JMM5

    Its hard to imagine my family living off a $100/yr per person. We would starve! That’s not enough for for a family of 4. We would have to do without cell phones, laptops, tablets, TV, anything electronic, new clothes, new shoes, and going out just to be able to survive. We would be living off the bare minimal.

  40. AF5

    Living off a $100 for a year per person is very difficult to imagine because you will starve and not have the right shelter and clothing, and now a days it’s impossible to be living off $100 a year. That’s why the empty bowl project is a great project because we are helping the needy, and help to benefit others.

  41. OSO5

    Living off a $100/yr per person would be like hell on earth for me and my family. Though it is a very bad experience it would make people with excess food feel and learn from their enormous waste of foodstuffs because [there are] people out there suffering from hunger but still we won’t change. To have a change of mind I strongly think our people need some sort of therapy to help inform them about others going to bed hungry in some other parts of the world. I just pray those set of people find favor in God’s front, AMEN.

  42. IDN6

    “Poverty forces people to make choices in countries where the annual income per person is $100 or less.” How could I even imagine how to live off of that kind of money a year. I don’t know but I am grateful for what I have and glad that I am not in those situations but I do feel sympathy for those people that do not have enough food to get through the day which is why that this is a good project to do. To help the hungry.

  43. RM1

    I feel that living off 100 dollars a year would not be realistic. Especially living in todays world everything is expensive. My family and I would most likely be without a home and would only be able to survive off very little food.

  44. SC2

    I think it is great that each one of us is helping out the community. Creating bowls for those who have never had a real meal is a great way to show there is someone out there that cares. Some one who is willing to serve them something they have never had before.

  45. sps3

    I think that the empty bowl project is a good thing to do because people [are] starving and dont have anything to eat out of. And it will be nice to make one for them so they can eat.

  46. JL2

    I believe that if my family and I had to live on $100/year per person, we wouldn’t really make it far in life. The “Empty Bowl” project is an amazing charity program for people who don’t have their full three meals everyday. I am grateful to have at least two meals everyday and to even have food in general.

  47. ITD3

    I have a small family with just [four] of us living in my home. My fathers and I both work part time to make ends meet. We dont make alot but definitely beyond $100/yr. Its Sometimes a struggle to get by on what we make with everything constantly going up in price. If we had to survive off $100/yr we would be homeless and hunry as well. The empty bowl project was a great way for us to show that we can help those in need in many different ways. I took extra time to make my bowl perfect for whom ever I was l lucky enough to pass a blessing on to.

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