March 16

EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

As reported on the World Food Day website, Poverty forces people to make choices in countries where the yearly income per person is $100 or less. How would your family live on $100/year per person? What would you do without? Why? What would you eat?

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230 thoughts on “EMPTY BOWL – Blogging Assign #1 – Week #1: What would you do??

  1. CF1

    If me and my family only had $100 to live off we would spend it on the necessities. Only the things that we really need like water food and a place to stay.

  2. M-X-A6

    if my family had only $100 per year to live off we would buy tools to build a place to keep warm,and use any money that is left over will be spent on food,and emergencies.

  3. JH1

    If me and my family only made 100 dollars a year per person we would only make 200 dollars a year. If we were only to live with 200 dollars a year we would have to go to homeless shelters or live with other family members. We would have to survive off of food pantries in different communities and begging for food and money off the streets. We would spend money only on essential things. Hoping that the 200 dollars will help us live.

  4. Sc1

    If my family had to live on $100 , we wouldn’t even be able to live. We would be lucky enough if we did. We would probably want to steal. But we would try to use all of our money just to try to get food and try to live. We would probably have to sell a lot of our things just to get money, but we’ll try to do anything to get money to survive off of.

  5. GB6

    My family consists of 6 people in total, so that makes us receive $600. Even with this amount of money I feel like we would not be able to make it through a year with only $600. The only way we could make it last is to only eat less everyday and actually start looking at the prices of the things we buy. My parents would make sure to get everything they buy at low prices and try to get discounts. I even feel like we could only use $600 on food, water, or try our best to pay the bills. We will not be getting expensive clothes or shoes from these $600 or only what is necessary to buy. All of that will still have to be cheap in order for us to buy it and survive with only $600.

  6. KP6

    If we were living off of 100 bucks a person meals would be chips pop and candy no lie. Without it I’d eat the school’s nasty meals everyday

  7. ldd1

    If my family had to live on $100 we wouldn’t even be able to go to school. I say that because we wouldn’t have no house to live in or any clothes.We probably would be sent to a homeless shelter. things would be hard but we would just had to pushing.

  8. ldd1

    If my family live $100 dollars per person a year I would hope if we even survive. We might go to a homeless shelter and live there hoping we get treated right. The thing I would have to deal without is not eating breakfast and lunch. The reason why is because its a homeless shelter you’ll have to eat once a day to conserve food. Hopefully I wouldn’t care what to eat as long as I get food.

  9. DP6

    If me and my family was to live off just $300 a year , we would honestly have a hard time. We’d really get the house taken because $300 can’t even cover half the mortgage. Plus we need food clothes and other personal items. So I know my phone bill wouldn’t get paid. We’d probably eat from shelters and churches on the day they feed homeless people. If we did survive we’d be very lucky.

  10. DB6

    If my family only had $100 per person we would use our money wisely such as only buying our food and essentials that we need.and the rest of the money we will just save the rest.

  11. JA2

    If my family only has $100 per person we wouldnt eat a lot of food. We would probably only eat 1-2 meals each day. We wouldn’t eat as much as I do with my family now. We wouldn’t be able to buy certain supplies for our house as well.

  12. hv2

    If family only had one hundred dollars per person we would have seven hundred dollars.I think we would only be able to eat a decent meal once or twice a day but not for long.We might end up homeless and winding up on the streets.

  13. AB2

    If my family & I received $100 per person each year, it would most likely be hard to get through the days. I have a family of four which would give us $400 & even though it sounds like a lot of money, it wouldn’t be enough to cover the bills nor to buy groceries monthly. Life would become complicated & would be very difficult to survive. Grilled chicken, vegetables, & rice would be the meal I would choose to eat everyday because it would keep me healthy & wouldn’t be too expensive to purchase.

  14. SC 2

    If me and my family only had $100 dollars per person we would each spend it on what the family needs like food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing. Someone in the family will spend it on a scpecific thing that we will need for the family.

  15. gc1

    If my family only had 100 dollars to live off of we would probably be living on the streets and only buy food when we really needed it. It wouldn’t be the best choice but it would make sure we had something to eat and not starve.

  16. MB2

    If my family had only $100 to spend per person it would be really difficult to figure out how to spend it wisely. We would probably eat one or two meals each day. We wouldn’t have enough to make it last for the entire year. We would probably eat vegetables and grains to try to make it last.

  17. IP1

    If my family only had $100, we would save up our food and try to save as much as possible. We would try to use up less energy in our house so the bills aren’t expensive. We wouldn’t buy expensive foods.

  18. CG1

    If my family only had 100$ I would try to spend it wisely and try to guide my parents not to spend it on useless items and try to survive.

  19. GR1

    My family and i would only buy things that are nessesacry and useful. We wouldn’t buy things that are useful {Teacher note: Clearly as mistake was written here.}. I wouldn’t ask for things to buy that aren’t necessary and I would help out more in my house. I would feel very upset and worried.

  20. GR2

    If my family had $100, we would have to save up on food and we would only have 1-2 meals a day. My family consist of 6 people and we would have to be on a budget. We would have to go get food at different shelters and churches. With only $100 we would not make it through a whole year.

  21. JS1

    If me and my family had $100 per person we would spent it on things we need the most like water and food.Without it we would be dieing of hunger and dehydration and living somewhere in the streets.We wouldn’t be able to eat good and healthy meals.

  22. CIJ2

    If my family had $100 period we would only have enough to afford canned food like chicken soup, ravioli,etc. The chances of us having restaurant food is very slim. My family would have to get our clothes from the second hand store. Lastly our home will be a studio apartment or a homeless shelter

  23. RCR2

    If my family had to survive on 100$ a year per person we would save half of it and use the other half to hopefully make use of . We would have to do without cable , a tv, and all of the luxuries we’re used to having simply because we won’t be able to afford them. We have to buckle down and focus on the most important things to live. We would have to downgrade our living to most likely a shelter, or we would move with a family member who had better living conditions until we can survive on our own. We would eat whatever we can cook. Noodles and dry food so that it can last longer through the month.

  24. KM2

    If my family had only $100 a person we would put all of our money together and only buy things that are cheap and necessary and ration our foods

  25. TG2

    In my household it would be $400, with $400 my family and I are going to have to take some risk and cut of some things to help budget and using most of the money on things we humans need to survive. Instead of buying crops from the grocery store we can save less money buy planting our own fruits + veggies. Buying our clothes at stores that can fit our budget like someone stated above a second hand store, and save the rest of the money in case of an emergency maybe invest in stocks.

  26. JS2

    If me and my family only had $100 to live off we would spend it wisely and only spend it on things we use on a daily basis. Like Food we need for everyday and probably water. and without it either way we probably have no clothes and would not go to school.

  27. HC2

    If my family only had $100 we would have to ration are food and make sure we have an off for emergency in case we get sick.

  28. A.S 1

    If my family only had 100 dollars per person to live off of we would have 400$ and we would have to live with family to save up the little money we had. We would only be able to buy the bare necessities and hope that that gets us by.

  29. KJ2

    If my family had $100 per person to live off of, we’d have $500 since it’s 5 of us. We would probably save up our things together or, each of us would focus on a certain need, Like one of us would focus on food and water, someone else clothes, home supplies, maybe some entertainment so we wouldn’t be so sad and bored all the time, and we’d save the rest.

  30. Ra2

    If me and my family lived off $100 per person we would have $509 and wee would have to shop for food on a budget and minimize our spending as well as any other expense

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