November 30

Empty Bowl Blog Assignment #1- Week #1: What would you do???

As reported on the World Food Day website, Poverty forces people to make choices in countries where the annual income per person is $100 or less.
How would your family live on $100/year per person. What would you do without? Why? What would you eat?

Post your comments to the blog and/or respond to comments posted before you.  PLEASE, remember to sign your comments using your intials and period # (EX.  sls5 ).

November 22

Nov 22nd – Daily Objectives

Mon   11/22–

  1. Get out drawer
  2. BISQUE FIRE: LATE Slab Pots 
  3. Wheel Throwing: Sign-up or go 4th time by Fri 12/3!!!
  4. DEMO: Writing a proper 4 Step Critique
  5. Write a 4 Step Critique for Slab Pots
  6. GRADING: Slab Pots with 4 Step Critique
  7. Work on Combination Pot DUE TOMORROW!!!!